The founders

Hard copy maps can give you a vantage point like no other to view the earth and its natural features. At Dreadful Maps, we draw on years of study, patience and practice to create stunning hard copy maps as fine art works.

We are modern day cartographers. What this means is that we have experience and skills using complex computer software to manipulate large datasets and explore deep geographic concepts. Whilst this may be a lot to take in, we are more than happy to talk with you and share our knowledge.

I’m sure our passion and insights will be infectious if you come in an visit us or get in touch.


The adventure so far…


We almost have decade of tertiary education between us with many years of professional experience within the geospatial industry. We have studied at multiple universities throughout Australian and have worked at all levels of government. As professionals, we are always striving to contribute our knowledge to the wider public and embrace equality every step of the way.

The creation of Dreadful Maps has been a conglomeration of years of hard work and dedication. We have spent many late nights creating, learning and innovating to be where we are today.

We have had amazing support from our family, friends and professional partners. If you would like to know more or chat with us over a coffee, do not hesitate to get in touch.